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Home Security from LyraSafe

At LyraSafe we understand that selecting the best home security provider is an important decision. That's why we're committed to helping you make an informed decision about your home security needs.

Over 100 years the Home Security industry has been selling outdated technology for outrageous prices. You will see door knockers will enter your house with their unique sales techniques. We believe being safe should be simple, Safe and secure. Our LyraSGM is very easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct from us online, no stranger in your home, no sales rep, you make your own decision. We believe that security should be at your finger tip, that is the reason our system is fully control with your smart devices. Also, our Interactive Security is standard on any service plan you choose. Other Alarm company will charge you $30 to $50 for this service.

Home Security from LyraSafe

Industry Leading DIY Home Control Platform

LyraConnect platform is built on our patent-pending, direct VPN connection to your Monitoring Station. This technology links your home security system directly to the central monitoring station, foregoing the traditional NOC or signal-relaying delays. Full alarm transport redundancy, patent-pending panel sabotage protection, home control and video monitoring are provided by our globally-deployed Secure cloud servers.

This unique architecture keeps families safer, offering significantly faster alarm transport. Security and home control devices respond instantly, with our Always On technology enabling real-time 2-way feedback on the status of the security panel, zones and all connected devices.

Industry Leading DIY Home Control Platform
Traditional Alarm Company LyraSafe
Uses open source wireless Technology Uses CryptiX encryption technology To provide highest security, integrity and privacy of the system.
Monitoring rate: $49.99 a month Ours is only $14.95 per month. LyraSafe protects your home with 3 UL listed Monitoring station, and fully redundant.
You have to sign minimum 36 months contract, And owing almost $1799 to fulfil the agreement. No long term contract. You make the Choice, monthly, quarterly, Semi- Annually or Annually. Take advantage of our MOD
Must have something on the wall. Our Patent pending direct VPN from your home to monitoring station, no Third party NOC or signal delays.

Try us for Risk-free 60 days and if you are not satisfied, you can get 100% money back guarantee.