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What You Need to Know to Choose the Right DIY Home Security System

How do I choose the system that's right for me and my home?

No one knows your house better than you do. Be the boss of your security system. Choose equipment that best suits your home layout and control features that work best in your lifestyle.

Are you away from home often? Be sure you can interact with your security system remotely. Choose features like LyraConnect Home Control, email alerts and video monitoring.

Fires and floods can be as devastating as burglary. To ensure complete safety for your home and family, choose a solution that includes sensors for:

Smoke, Heat, Freeze Leaks, Rising Water and Carbon monoxide

Home Security from LyraSafe

How does a LyraSafe security system get installed?

For the simplest, quickest setup, consider LyraSafe's wireless system. In less than 30 minutes you can set up LyraSafe yourself, on your own schedule.

For the simplest, quickest setup, consider LyraSafe's wireless system. In less than 30 minutes you can set up LyraSafe yourself, on your own schedule.

Step 1 . Plug in (LyraSGM)

Step 2 . Peel-and-stick (LyraNano and LyraPIR)

Step 3 . Download App on your Smart Phone (App store)

Your LyraSafe system is preconfigured for your home. LyraSafe's activation team is always there to help you, if you need any help, they will confirm your system is working perfectly and walk you through the simple operating instructions. Take it with you when you move. You own it; it's yours.

The alternative? A traditional system requires scheduling - and waiting for - a technician to come out. They'll need to run wires and drill holes through your walls to connect the equipment. A landline phone is generally required for these systems.

What happens when a security event happens at my house?

Sensors "stand guard" at your home and react when a door or window is opened. Environmental sensors add protection against emergencies like a fire or flood. When an event triggers a sensor, it communicates with the Control Panel, which immediately signals the Monitoring Center.

What happens next is key. Professional monitoring protects your home and family every minute of every day. They promptly contact your local authorities. An interactive system will also notify you when these sensors are triggered, even if you're away from home. Professional monitoring makes your security equipment smarter than today's crafty crooks.

What safeguards ensure that my system works at the critical moment?

Not all security systems are created equal. Choose a solution with the safest technology, from a company with the best customer satisfaction. Check their track record for service and reliability.

Systems that depend on wired connections have inherent vulnerabilities: wires and phone lines can be cut. Control panels can be destroyed. LyraSafe's safer wireless technology ensures that signals always get through. LyraSGM, the main brain of the system is connected with the home modem so that the intruder will never know what is transmitting a signal to the monitoring station, so they can not destroy anything.

How does it work when I'm away from home?

Whether working, running errands, or on vacation, you never want to be out of touch with your home security. Choose a system you can access from anywhere.

You can interact with a LyraSafe DIY security system from any mobile device, a laptop or smartphone. Emails and text alerts provide instant updates.

Maintain your peace of mind. Look inside your home with your own eyes. With LyraCAM's live video, seeing is believing. Check your home any time, while safe in the knowledge the Portable Alarm monitoring team is on the job, every minute of every day.

LyraConnect, a mobile app keep you on the go, while your home stays secure.