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DIY Home Security System

Home Security System

There are many reasons people purchase a DIY Home security system. Protecting your home from fire and other damages, ensuring the safety of irreplaceable belongings. Most importantly helping to keep watch over your loved one, giving you the peace of mind and enjoy the time with your family knowing that your home is protected from fire, carbon monoxide, even intruder.

But not all security systems are created equally. Introducing LyraSafe, a DIY Home security system, "connected to life, not the wall". LyraSafe provides industry-leading wireless performance. Every Lyra system is controlled from your smartphone or tablet, whether home or on the road, and LyraSafe brings convenience features far beyond security alone.

LyraSafe allows you to change temperature at the comfort of your couch or save energy when you went away. You can schedule lights to come on your unoccupied home. You can even let your friend or service people have access to your home if you are unable to be there when they arrive by controlling locks in your door. LyraSafe allows you to be notified when your children get home from school and confirm remain secured until your return.

LyraSafe can be installed in any place in your home, typically next to your router. With a full line of the high-performance wireless sensor providing you 24-hour protection. With LyraConnect DIY security and automation functions can be completed from the phone and tablets you already use and LyraSafe delivers performance and features unmatched in the security industry.

What are other ways LyraSafe connects to your life? Notify you if you leave the garage door open and letting you close it from anywhere in the world, allowing your kids easily disarm the system even they don’t have a phone, and notifying you that they are home safe.

LyraSafe delivers security, home automation, LyraConnect home control features help you manage and protect your family every day.