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Security Dealers Can Improve Consumers’ Lives With Lyrasafe

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United States. Many homeowners believe it won’t happen to them, but according to Frank Chaput’s article, this startling statistic proves that unprotected properties are always at risk. In fact, the intruder may be residing in your same neighborhood, just mere miles from your home. Lisa and Bradford Schulz are no strangers to this fact. Last September, they experienced a forced entry break-in that greatly rocked their sense of security and safety.

“It affected me tremendously since I work out of the home and it occurred during the day,” said Lisa. “I rarely left the house, fearing that something would happen again.”

When the suspected intruder returned to their property while they were home, the young couple took measures they thought would hold off future intruders, such as leaving their lights and television on while they were gone. They also placed a “No Soliciting” sign on their front door, but it wasn’t enough to calm their anxieties. “Someone could still bypass all of that and get in. We decided to make it a priority to consider installing some type of security system.”

In that same article, Frank Chaput states that: “1 in 3 homes without a security system will fall victim to burglary as compared to 1 in 250 homes that do have a security system.” And when these break-ins occur, they can be costly; we’re seeing a “yearly $2,325 average loss” in a burglary.

Determined to restore their peace of mind, Lisa and Brad invested in Helix, the revolutionary wireless platform from Resolution Products. Along with the panel, they also had several NanoMax door window sensors, PIRs, and a HeliPad keypad installed in their home, all wireless solutions from Resolution that can be easily installed in under 30 minutes.

“Our life has changed for the better, we have made a complete 180,” says Lisa. “The first night after getting the Helix installed I slept better than I had been in months. We are so grateful.”

Not only is the sense of security appealing, but convenience features of the Helix platform have made the couple’s life easier. Consumers get to use a medium they’re already incredibly familiar with to operate the system, a convenient smartphone app and not a traditional wall-mounted touch screen. Helix can be installed anywhere within the home, proving it’s flexibility compared to other systems.

Lisa and Bradford Schulz, Happy Helix Owners

“We love the mobile app. So convenient and easy to use, and it works anywhere…we also love how the equipment that was installed didn’t require any wiring or drilling. They are small and hardly noticeable.”

A flexible platform also can come with flexible monitoring, which is appealing to renters and consumers on a budget.

“The mobile app and all the notification options makes it so easy to monitor on your own, so you’re not committed to a 3-plus year service contract with a different security company,” said Lisa.

There are many reasons why residential security can change people’s lives. It can restore peace of mind, reduce renter’s/homeowner’s insurance rates, or just to simply add convenience to someone’s lifestyle. Resolution’s Helix offers benefits that fit both the consumer and the dealer. Simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effective security solutions can prove to be “life-changers” in the industry.