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DIY Wireless Security Systems

There is more to a security system than just detecting unauthorized entry. Security systems today need to manage energy usage, heating and cooling, door locks and even lights. These systems are all part of our daily lives and their use and behavior tend to change based on the occupancy of the home. LyraSafe is the first fully wireless system can be installed anywhere in the home.

LyraSafe offers you easy to self install, wireless, no phone line needed Wireless DIY security systems. Our Wireless DIY system is Simple, Safe and Secure. It works anywhere in the house, apartments or businesses. It does not require any tools.

What Makes us Different

LyraSafe SGM connects all of the Wireless devices through a Bluetooth Version 4.1 technology LE connection; an industry first. All of LyraSafe sensors are protected with CryptiX encryption technology. This improves the integrity and privacy of the security system information inside the home. The LyraConnect platform enables monitoring and control through our unique industry first connection from LyraSafe SGM to central station direct connection, this allows fastest alarm reporting in the nation. Other company uses System to platform server to central station. This way you lose seconds to report the alarm.

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